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Hotel uniform manufacturing  – design

Merletto-Farinacci Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and designing hotel uniforms. The importance of the uniforms is huge as it provides the communication bridge between hotels and their guests. A high-quality uniform is absolutely indispensable for the elegant and high-standard appearance. A well designed uniform inflames trust in the hotel guests.

The key success factor is the high standard appearance.

„We work together for common success!”

Our most important mission in formulating the hotel image is to create a standardized, professional idea that creates harmony among the units of the hotel and represents the external and internal stylistic elements of the hotel in an extremely simple and clear form. Our main goal is that the uniforms of the hotels reflect a standardized image that communicates a unique quality and a special image of the hotel.


Designing the collections we take the current trends, colors and fabrics into considerations. Creating the perfect image is guaranteed by a highly experienced and professional team. Designing all the minor details provide the perfect harmony of the uniforms. When shaping the hotel image our most important task is to visualize and harmonize the hotel philosophy and its formal and contextual elements with all the units.


When we design the hotel uniforms our most important duty, other than comfort is to visualize the characteristics of the hotel.

The design elements of the hotel units must reflect the spirit of the house perfectly. Designing and also professionally constructing this perfect harmony is our main duty.